• God

    • ​God is eternal. He is the creator and sustainer of the universe. He exists in three persons: The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit.

  • Jesus

    • ​Jesus is the Son of God. He was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, and died on a cross. He rose again after three days. He is the only way to salvation.

  • Holy Spirit

    • ​The Holy Spirit is equal with the Son and the Father as God. The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin and points us to God through the Son.

  • Man

    • ​Mankind was created by God. We are all sinners and need salvation.

  • Salvation

    • ​Salvation is a free gift from God. We are saved by belief in Jesus Christ alone.

  • The Church

    • ​The church is a localized group of believers. We exist to reach people for Jesus, teach them to live like him, connect them into the church, help them discover their purpose in life, and worship God.

  • Baptism​

    • ​We believe baptism is by total immersion. Baptism does not save a person yet Jesus commanded that we be baptized.

  • The Lord's Supper

    • ​We believe that the bread represents the body of Jesus. The juice represents his life blood given for us. Neither are required for salvation yet Jesus commanded that we participate in its remembering.



 Student Pastor

Trent Santos

Class of 2019 Workers

Keith & Carmen Black

Mike & Pam Douglas

Class of 2020 Workers

Thomas & Kara McNeill

Class of 2021 Workers

Nick & Rebecca Byerly

April York

Sydney Santos

Class of 2022 Workers

Matt & Beth Rollins

Jesse & Megan Teetor

Heather Hinson

Class of 2023 Workers

Ryan & Amanda Remole

Chad & Mindi Sink

Class of 2024 Workers

Scottie & Diane Carter

Rich Fork Students



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